Unique Features

Booking Automations

We automate booking life cycle end to end. Rooms are automatically allocated up on booking made on any source, We proudly say we are the first in industry who achieved this milestone. Thanks to our in-built autonomous technology based on latest AI and IoT features. With room booking automation, we not only reduce 50% of your receptionist activity but also avoid any human errors such as over bookings.

Inventory Management Automations

Most of the hotel management activity goes to managing inventory, distribution to channels and sales. We integrated and automated all these three activities under one platform. Innovative features like Auto block, Auto release and Auto hold works hand to hand during cancellations, failed payments, checkouts and check-ins making TATIOSA’s platform totally autonomous

Auto Payments and Payouts

We collect payments Realtime and touch less. You can setup payment links and auto invoices on pending payments. Our current hoteliers most favorite feature is TATIOSA Flex collect – allows payment collections on postpaid bookings to avoid cancellations.

Auto Reports, Analytics and Audits

Our reporting and analytics engine provides you instant insights on property’s performance. Auto audit feature sends you end of the day entire house or counter report to your email. Our properties use these insights to plan their future operations and forecast on demand.

With TATIOSA Flexi, say goodbye to daily mundane tasks!

Automate 80% of front desk functionality, housekeeping, revenue management along with many other areas!


Yes, you can change allocations manually. But we recommend to stick on to auto allocations as it reduces manual errors.

Our system automatically moves the other allocation to different room (if possible) and proceeds with the current extension request. If the total hotel is booked and no rooms are available, extension request will be rejected.

Prepaid bookings (from portals like Booking.com) are subject to last minute cancellations yielding huge losses to hotels. Flex collect is the best option for such cases. TATIOSA Flexi’s system recognizes such bookings and collects payments from customers instantly, failure in payments puts the bookings on hold and notifies customers until payment is done.

You can send payment links for postpaid orders. You can mandate to pay and submit order for prepaid orders. You can as well enter payment manually for cash or offline card payments.

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