Easy lookup

You can quickly lookup for any booking with guest name, email or contact number using our global search tool bar. Our properties use this look up feature quite frequently, they call it Google for hotel.

Room Allocations, Check-ins and Check-outs

View our auto room allocations, easily move bookings across different rooms or room types, extend bookings with click of a button. Although our system automated check-in and checkout process, you can do easy manual check-ins and checkouts as well.

Auto Room Movements

Room extensions by both customers and hotel staff is a always pain point, leading to non optimal inventory consumption. Our Auto Room Movement feature will always finds the best possible ways to accommodate extension requests, think of it as your puzzle solver.

House Status

Bird eye view of your entire property status for a week. You can see available, confirmed, checked-in, checked-out and dirty rooms in single calendar view.

A one-stop dashboard to manage everything!

Book a consultation and our industry expert will help you understand how TATIOSA can transform your business.



Our default auto allocation is increasing order of room IDs. Our system tries to pack reservations into fewer rooms as possible thus leaving scope for future large reservations.

Yes, you can navigate calendar to past weeks or future weeks. Your calendar data will be persisted for ever.

Go to Properties > Booking Rules, and set the dates where you don’t wish to receive reservation.

If you want to block a certain room, you can go to the Calendar, and set the inventory to 0 (or reduce the number of available rooms). You can also bulk block rooms by choosing the rooms that the new inventory count applies to.

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