Mobile First

We dream in the future of hospitality and thats how we have built our hotel software. The mobile equipped housekeeping flows helps you get real time service updates on the go. Imagine the guest experience of requesting a service from mobile and you delivering it within minutes – without any phone calls to reception or service desk.

Automated Flows

Forget about calling your housekeeping staff every time your guest needed something. Your staff will be equipped with smart housekeeping technology on their mobiles, to receive notifications upon checkout, service requests and more. They can take care of their allocated rooms with zero management interference.

Smart Load Balancing

We know that you always manage charter of your staff and assigns tasks on daily basis, but that’s the old way. With our new smart balancing, we distribute service requests depending on availability of staff at the moment.

Managing housekeeping services has never been this easy!

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No, we understand that housekeeping is core and integral part of any hotel or BnB. It comes free with Tier 1 platform subscription.

Connection to a third party Housekeeping platforms, that has a native mobile app is available in our Tier 4 package.

If you opt to use a standalone app to manage your HK then yes, We’ve partnered with different service providers that you can choose from.

It depends on the platform that you’ve chosen from our Partners list.

It depends on the platform that you’ve chosen from our Partners list.

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