Discover Room Types, Derived Rate Plans, and Rate Templates for Personalized Pricing Excellence.

Experience the magic of room management transformation! Easily add and organize numerous room types and rate plans, all dependent on a master for simplified management. Optimize seasonal rates effortlessly with rate templates, maximizing the yield of your inventory.

Multi Date Ranges

Effortlessly set pricing and manage inventory availability across different date ranges. Filter specific days of the week or weekends during updates without the need for training. It’s so user-friendly, even your kid can play with your property prices and availabilities.

One Room, Multiple Room Types

Unlock flexibility in selling the same room across multiple types based on demand—whether it’s Room 101 as Standard or Executive. While other solutions find it challenging, TATISOA makes it seamless. Proudly offering the ability to cross-sell the same room across various types, we handle complexities like overbookings with ease through our intelligent algorithms.

Channels Management

No need to juggle prices and availabilities across channels. Sit back, relax, and let the bookings roll in. Everything stays in sync with your TATIOSA master inventory calendar. Your focus? Keeping your rates right. We handle the rest seamlessly.

Rate Templates

Effortlessly handle seasonal rates with TATIOSA. Simply maintain them as templates, apply them to the calendar, and watch the seamless distribution to connected channels. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple rates with our convenient rate templates.

On the Go!

Stay agile with our mobile-friendly PMS—update rates and inventory on the go with ease.

Say goodbye to unnecessary confusions and errors

Simplify bulk inventory management with just a few clicks. Consult our experts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire process.


Overbookings is a very serious concern for lot of hoteliers. When you welcome walk-in customers you should update and keep your inventory update, the Channel manager will handle all the online request for you.

Absolutely, duplicate existing rates and customize them according to your preferences with ease.

Rate Templates are designed for specific date ranges, catering to seasonal rates like summer holidays. In contrast, Rate Plans are linked to services provided at your property, such as a breakfast plan, without being tied to specific dates. The key distinction lies in the flexibility of Rate Templates, allowing you to manage diverse rates for various seasons.

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