Room Types, Derived Rate Plans and Rate Templates

Managing your rooms and room types hasn’t been easier. Add as many room types and rate plans, keep them dependent to master and manage only the master. Rate templates are best to manage different seasonal rates for better yield of your inventory.

Multi Date Ranges

You can set your pricing and inventory availabilities across various date ranges. You can filter out certain days of week or weekends while doing updates. No training needed for these activities, anyone can make changes on rates and availability , it is that easy and simple.

One Room, Multiple Room Types

Most of the time you want to sell the same room across multiple room types depending on your demand. Room 101 to be sold as Standard and Executive. It’s not quite possible with the solutions on market today, indeed it’s a hard problem for others, but not for TATIOSA. We proudly say that you can cross sell the same room across multiple room types as you wish, we handle all the complexities of over bookings underneath, through our intelligent algorithms.

Channels Management

Well, you don’t need to manage prices and availabilities across any channels. You can just sit, relax and receive bookings from channels. Everything is in sync with your TATIOSA master inventory calendar. You concentrate on keeping your master right. we take care of the rest.

Rate Templates

Great way to manage seasonal rates. Maintain your seasonal rates as templates and apply them on templates calendar, It is that easy. And the same will be distributed to connected channels. Rate templates takes away the hassle of bookkeeping multiple rates.

On the Go!

Yes, you can do bulk pricing and inventory updates on Go!, our web PMS is mobile friendly. You can as well use app for all sophisticated flows like enable – disable rooms and move rooms across room types.

Say goodbye to unnecessary confusions and errors

Manage bulk inventories with just a few clicks. Consult our experts to understand the whole process


Yes, it is quite possible with our Channel Manager.

We use our partners Channel Manager , which connects perfectly with TATIOSA’s PMS

Yes, you can do that using our Duplicate rate feature.


‘Rate templates’ are special rates or seasonal rates, to be applied for specific date ranges. For example, you can create special rates for summer holidays and maintain it as summer template. On the other hand, ‘Rate Plans’ do not associate with dates or seasons, Rate plans always associate with services you offer at your property, like breakfast plan. In other words, a Rate plan can have multiple rates for different seasons, this can be done with Rate templates.

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