Multi-Dimensional Reporting

Absolutely! We understand the power of data perspectives. While most systems showcase data from their viewpoint, TATIOSA empowers you to customize how you view and interpret your data. Enjoy unparalleled freedom and transparency, gaining full control over your numbers and business insights.

Ensuring Everlasting and Secure Data Integrity

Your data, timeless and secure. With no expiration date and no need for backups, rest assured that your information will be securely preserved indefinitely. TATIOSA is PCI DSS compliant, employing cutting-edge security protocols within our cloud infrastructure to safeguard your sensitive data with the utmost care.


Receive timely notifications on crucial insights. Share reports effortlessly or set up automated schedules for direct delivery to your email, akin to a Night Audit. Stay informed with ease through TATIOSA.


Effortlessly export your reports in widely supported formats, including Excel, XML, CSV, and more, seamlessly integrating with popular accounting software such as Intuit QuickBooks and Tally for a streamlined financial experience.

Unlock the full potential of your daily data with TATIOSA!

Access real-time statistics via TATIOSA’s multi-dimensional reporting system. Our experts are ready to guide you at your convenience, ensuring you make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute insights.


Experience our multi-dimensional reporting model at TATIOSA. Tailor your reports by selecting the specific columns you want to see and download. Take advantage of unique search and filter options, setting us apart from most systems in the market.

We currently don’t have this feature. We are working on it.


You can do that with our Reputation Management module (option available on-demand). Default reporting shows only your property’s data.


Tailor routines to fit your schedule and receive personalized reports directly to your email inbox with TATIOSA’s convenient customization options.

Gain transparency with TATIOSA—track every edit, from price adjustments to inventory changes, configurations, and payments processing. See who made what changes for a complete overview.

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