More revenues? Yes!

TATIOSA Flexi’s technology recognizes the bookings that are eligible for early check-ins, late checkouts and flexible extensions. We showcase available options with your customers and boost your last minute unsold rooms and revenues.

Hourly bookings? More than that!

You can define custom check-in and check-out slots as per your demand. You get flexible bookings only for those slots.

More customers? Of course!

With flexible booking offerings, You will gain more loyalty among your guests for being flexible. Offering early check-in, late checkout at discounted prices will convert them as your value returning guests. With TATISOA Flexi platform loyalty programs, you can even run promotions for future direct bookings.

We understand that sometimes plans change. That’s why Flexibility is here!

Increase your occupancy by 30% by incorporating flexible bookings into your hotel. Consult our experts to understand how it works.


It is in-built and enabled by default into various components of TATIOSA Flexi Platform. You will initially setup your check-in and checkout slots and based on that flexible feature works. You can do flexible extensions on any booking from ‘Reservation Grid’. You can accept flexible bookings from our Booking Engine integrated to your website and also from TATIOSA Flexi’s OTA.

Our technology enables flexible feature when you have enough unsold inventory. We optimally consume per night inventory and distribute the same to connected channels.

Yes, you can turn on/off this feature on date ranges. You can also use our rule based configurations to auto enable or disable this feature. We recommend to use rules as it reduces your manual work.

We gave housekeeping first priority when we designed this feature. With configurable checkin and checkouts, you will have full control over your guests arrivals and departures, you can plan housekeeping activities accordingly. Our studies suggests that flexible feature even balances the housekeeping workload, instead of piling up all work between 11 AM -2 PM. In addition, we also provide intelligent free housekeeping module on our platform which notifies arrivals and departures of guests.

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